Hair Color experience at Mizka's

From this to that. Hair transformation by none other than my fav, Maahnoor Mizka. Before was also done by her around 10 months back. I trust her blindly with my hair. She knows hair, she knows my hair & me, and does everything accordingly. The result is always better than what I have in mind. 
Best part about her is she is passionate about what she does & enjoys every bit of it. Attends to every person while working non-stop, and if someone says they are not happy after a full blown blowdry, she does the hair all over again happily - witnessed one right in front of me.

The hair color done by her grows out blended. Being a person with curly hair, most hair stylists always told me I can only have layers in my hair, but with Mizka it was different. I told her my concern, and she made sure yo give me a different style every time. Last she gave me an amazing angular lob & I loved it. It's all about how you can carry it. This time, she changed the entire look with different color technique/new trend of this year and hair cut. Picture doesn't do justice neither is showing the colors, it has blonde, brown, tones of red.
As far as I remember, she told me she was doing my base color with ammonia free dye. Don't know about the rest what she did. Post color she used Smartbond & some mask for the treatment.
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Contributed by: Rabeeyah Tungekar -

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