We cant say no to SHOES!

So most of people know I'm a shoe-o-holic.I love buying and wearing and flaunting them
But there are few things that I look for in any shoe before I suggest the brand to anyone.
1. Style
2. Comfort
3. Durability
4. Value for money

Style is of course the first thing that anyone will look at, keeping in mind your feet structure and what shoe style will suit them, not every style in the market can suit everyone. For example my feet tend to get get swell alot and my size varies from 40-41 so I'm very much cautious while trying out shoes and had been afraid of buying them online but last year my temptation overcame my fear and I ordered khussas from few pages. Khussas are usually not comfortable but I'm very satisfied by the fact that many of the shoe brand owners are working towards it.

Here are my few shoes that I have been actually wearing for past 6 months
I will be focusing more on Khussas and Kolhapuris in this post only.
The list from my most favorite to least favorite goes as such
1. Mojari (red) 9/10
2. Mojari (pink) 9/10
3 Gul khan and Sabz creationz 7/10

I love the khussas I got from Mojari. I bought them last year in September I have been wearing the red one daily and it tore off in December so it lasted good 3 months.. While the pink ones are still there surviving. It has a soft foam sole so it kept my feet really comfortable, no blisters while wearing these. Will be ordering more if I like any more designs

MOJAIRI: https://www.facebook.com/MojariPk/?fref=ts

Now to Gul khan Truck arts and Sabz Creationz are the most adorable designs I have ever got.They look absolutely stunning on my feet. I never got blisters while wearing any of these either.
However, the sole was thin and after few months of wearing them it started feeling like I am walking bare feet. I bought another pair from gul khan with a comparatively thick sole so I am assuming I wont have this complain and I'm eyeing for ferozi khussas from Sabz creationz in their upcoming exhibitions

The price range varied from 1200/- to1500/- pkr

SABZ CREATIONS: https://www.facebook.com/SabzCreations/?fref=ts

GUL KHAN: https://www.facebook.com/Gul.Khan.Truck.Art/?fref=ts

CONTRIBUTOR: Abeer Kasiri (PBS Member & Creator at AK.Toonify)

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