Hello Beautiful

Its a New Dawn, New Day. We know that sounds a bit cliched but we couldn't help ourselves from writing the obvious.

Pakistan Beauty Society is going to be superb. We intend to be the platform all you Beauty lovers have been waiting for. ONE Society where Beauty Bloggers as well as MUAs will not only be represented and promoted but also mentored in their field. A platform where talent will be appreciated, where brands will be hihglighted and connected to the influencers of beauty.

PBS strives to provide the BEST in beauty and lifestyle, nothing less.

We welcome you with an open heart to join us and be a part of our beautiful journey.

PBS Admin
Maliha Rao & Rabiyah Tungekar

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  1. What a beautiful site and effort! All the very best to this platform. x

  2. Bestest of luck. And kudos to you girls for conceiving and making this dream a reality from which so many shall benefit.


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